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Adult male volunteer, looking down, and elderly male volunteer, smiling at camera. Both wearing aprons at a food service volunteer event.


Affinity Groups are a great way for you to find connections with other volunteers, donors, and networks so you never feel alone in helping your local community. Together with United Way of Northern Utah, you can work to solve the issues you care about with a group of like-minded people. You can become a leader in our community, sharing efforts that will have a long-reaching impact on people living right here in Northern Utah. We currently have three groups to help you meet your philanthropic goals. 

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Don't fall into one of these categories?

That's okay! Here at United Way, our goal is to foster community connections for the growth of everyone involved. This means we are open to building new donor networks or connecting you with other program areas to help you serve yourself and your community to your best capacity. Send us a message on your interest areas or what unique ways you want to help and we will find a solution together!

Affinity Group members can be found attending these events:

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