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United Partnership Council

The United Partnership Council is a cross-sector group of organizations that coordinate their work to improve, health, and housing in Weber County. The Council encourages groups to work together to more efficiently address community issues. 

UWNU provides staff to organize and facilitate many of the committees below and participate in others. The council includes representatives from Ogden School District, Weber School District, Ogden-Weber Technical College, Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership, Ogden city, Weber State University, America First Credit Union, Weber-Morgan Health Department, Weber Human Services, United Way of Northern Utah, and more. 

By working together, the United Partnership Council can magnify the efforts of many concerned citizens and organizations working to improve the living conditions of our individuals, families, and neighborhoods.


  • Child Development from Prenatal to 3 Years 
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Elementary Literacy 
  • 9th Grade to Postsecondary


  • Housing Coalition (OgdenCAN, Prosperity Center of Excellence, Ogden United)


  • Ogden Food Council 
  • OgdenCAN Chronic Care Coalition 
  • OgdenCAN Healthy Lifestyles Taskforce
  • OgdenCAN Health Subcommittee

Ogden Food Council


The Ogden Food Council is a volunteer body that aims to improve access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food for all Ogden residents. 

The council is made up of a diverse group of individuals who represent organizations, including but not limited to government, education, farmers, food producers, food distributors, and non-profits.