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Pro Bono Business Consulting

Help provide our local area nonprofits the knowledge, skills and support to achieve their missions. Without the needed expertise or training, it’s difficult for nonprofit staff to perform all their job responsibilities. Engaging your employees to provide subject matter expertise through pro bono consulting is a great way to enhance the capability and the capacity of our local area nonprofits in the most meaningful ways. Support can range from one-hour virtual training to six-month projects where employees volunteer 2-5 hours per week.

Pro Bono Volunteer Opportunities

  • One-on-one consulting with a local community nonprofit
  • Supporting the completion of a project
  • Creating on-demand training content
  • Serving on the board of a local nonprofit

Six Skill Areas of Highest Need

  • Marketing 
  • Human Resources
  • Software and Technology
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Leadership Development


Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Time: 3 PM MT / 5 PM ET

Registration link here!


Taproot Plus Virtual Pro Bono for Utah Nonprofits

Does your nonprofit’s website need major updates? Are your marketing materials out of date? How about your accounting structure – are you as organized as you could be? For many nonprofits, investments in important capacity-building projects like these are tough to swing when operating on a shoe-strong budget. That’s where business pro bono support comes in.

United Way of Northern Utah has partnered with the pro bono experts at the Taproot Foundation for a free webinar on Wednesday, December 9 where we’ll cover:

  • What types of common nonprofit challenges such as website design, fundraising, or CRM can be handled pro bono
  • Some best practices to keep in mind when designing your own pro bono project
  • Where you can easily find and manage pro bono volunteers for your marketing, tech, HR, finance, and strategy needs

REGISTER NOW to attend and be sure to bring along your questions – Taproot will save plenty of time at the event for live Q&A!

Access to this webinar and Taproot Foundation’s programs are free of cost for nonprofits, public schools, and small businesses located in the US, UK, EU, or India.