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Welcome Baby


Support New Parents

Welcome Baby Volunteer

You can make a difference in the lives of families in Northern Utah. Welcome Baby is a home visitation program in which trained volunteers visit new parents in our community. During their visits, volunteers share a free gift donated by our community, teach about child development, share personal experiences, and provide additional community information and resources. Find more information on Welcome Baby here.

A commitment of at least six months is asked of our volunteers. We also ask that volunteers attend at least one in-service training per quarter year. In-service is a great way for volunteers to enhance their home-visitation experience and add to the information they can bring to families.

Welcome Baby looks for volunteers who have experience working with children and families--especially experienced mothers, grandmothers, and couples. We also recruit students with education in a related field.

Fill out the form below to volunteer, or call UWNU at 801-399-5584.

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