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Our Nonprofit Partners

We work with dozens of community partners in Box Elder, Morgan, Oneida, and Weber Counties. Our community grants and other sources of funding help local nonprofits get the funding they need to continue their work in the community. We also provide assistance to nonprofits through the Nonprofit Community Center and work in partnership with area nonprofits to help them meet community needs. 

Here's one example of how a local nonprofit serves the community:


Nonprofit Connection

The Nonprofit Connection Center was created in the spring of 2020 and is being rolled out in phases.  We provide three levels or tiers of support to our nonprofit partners: Universal, Targeted, and Institute. 


The Universal tier offers general support and learning to any and all of the nonprofits in our service area.  These services are offered in the first phase, starting in February.  Some of the services include:

  • organizational needs survey
  • Community of Practice sessions with expert tips
  • guidance and support specific to COVID (PPP and CARES applications and reports)
  • Increased Learning series


Our second level, Targeted, offers more focused and specific support in areas of need within our community and the nonprofit agencies.  We plan to implement this phase in 2021, some of those services include:

  • Pro Bono consulting
  • Young Leaders Training Series and Project Blueprint
  • focused training for future nonprofit board leadership specifically for young, diverse professionals  

It’s a reality that nonprofit boards lack diversity. The Connection Center is working to improve that. 


Our top level of support, the Institute is starting in November of 2020.  We are partnering with the Forever Young Foundation and the Arbinger Institute to bring the first annual Leadership Institute to a select cohort of 7 nonprofit executive directors.  We plan to provide a year of comprehensive, tailored and meaningful experiences through a 4 day workshop, ongoing monthly support, check-ins and one-on-one meetings with mentors.  We see the need in our community and are continually encouraged in the work we are doing by the feedback and participation we receive from nonprofit partners. 

Join the Nonprofit Connection to help your nonprofit grow in service to the community!

Our Partners