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Your expertise is what our community needs

We match you with nonprofits to build stronger organizations, one project at a time.


Passion Meets Opportunity 

Nonprofit organizations don’t always have access to the HR planning or resources they need to tackle the issues of their communities.

Too many organizations are understaffed, operating on small budgets, and facing challenges that would benefit from targeted subject matter expertise. That’s where you come in.

This quarter, we are looking for Human Resource professionals to give 8 hours of their time to review policies and procedures. 

Once you take our strength assessment survey, we'll match you to a nonprofit that mirrors your skilled disciplines. 

This program helps nonprofits achieve their goals faster by connecting them with skilled volunteers for support where they need it most—free of charge. Users connect virtually or in-person for focused projects with clear deliverables or consultations to troubleshoot, brainstorm, or diagnose current organizational challenges.

Ready to make a lasting impact?



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