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A New Smile

Silvia is a dedicated mother of six kids who participates in our Welcome Baby program. About five years ago, she lost her front teeth, which has been a struggle to deal with. She was saving for dental implants when her car had trouble and needed significant repairs. She made the difficult decision to fix her car so she could continue to take care of her family and help her kids get places they needed to go.

Local dentist Dr. Mark Murdock of Brigham City Smiles found out about Silvia’s situation and offered to help out. He was able to work with her on a significantly reduced cost of service to provide her with new implants at a price she could afford. Silvia now has a beautiful, healthy new smile.

There are many unsung heroes in our community who Live United every day. Thanks to Dr. Murdock and so many others for all you do to make Northern Utah a great place to live!