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2019 Community Services Grant Details

United Way of Northern Utah will offer 2019 Community Services Grant funding to support residents in Box Elder, Morgan, Oneida, and Weber counties. This funding will support organizations and collaborative partnerships that help achieve community objectives in the areas of education, income, and basic needs (which include health, food, shelter, and safety). To be eligible, organizations must meet the specific operation and eligibility guidelines as outlined below.

United Way of Northern Utah is committed to working closely with a broad range of partners to achieve lasting change, and to find and implement solutions that will positively impact lives today and for the coming generations.

Please contact Mitch McBride, Director of Development & Marketing, if you have questions.

Application Submission is closed. Please check back in Fall 2019 to apply for the following year.

Eligibility Guidelines
Please read the Overall Criteria below and proceed only if your organization meets these guidelines. Due to a high volume of applications, and a limited pool of resources, we cannot fund all organizations that apply. 

  • Must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or local government agency
  • There will be a limit of one application per agency/legal entity
  • Funds shall be used solely for the granted purpose or program
  • Funded activities shall commence in a timely manner and expenditures shall cease within one year after receipt
  • Grant recipients shall be respectful towards grantor organization and clearly acknowledge UWNU in promotional materials and at funded programs/activities
  • Grant Recipients shall allow their grant-funded success stories to be shared via UWNU’s social media, webpage, and other print or digital media (to raise funds to support this grant program we must be able to share your success!)
  • Grant applicants who received 2018 funding will be required to answer questions regarding previously funded program performance (as a part of this application)
  • Funds MUST NOT: benefit specific individuals or be deposited into/held in an endowment; be used to influence legislation or participate in political campaign activity; be used for religious purposes; be used for conferences, galas, 5K Runs, fundraisers, or events; or benefit UWNU or its employees (e.g., gifts, meals, etc.)

Deadline and Key Dates
Applications due Monday, November 12th at 6:00 p.m. Neither late submissions, nor edits to submissions will be accepted.

UWNU Board Committees will review all applications and then submit funding recommendation to the Board of Directors of UWNU. Applicants will receive written notification of the Board’s decision by December 31, 2018; checks will be mailed or presented to grantees in January of 2019.

Grant Submission
Please submit your application (by email only) to Mitch McBride, You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days. Applicants who received funding last year need to include with their application a brief report on 2018 efforts (download corresponding document). 

Funding Available
Funding for the 2019 cycle is not limited to a specific dollar amount, but awards for the 2018 funding cycle ranged from $3,000 to $15,000 per agency/legal entity. 

Scoring Criteria
A score will be assigned to each grant section on a scale of 1-5 points, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest based on the following table.

Rating Scale
The Statement of Need, Project Description, Budget, or Evaluation is: 

5= Overall excellent with no major weakness
4= Very good or excellent, with perhaps no more than one area requiring attention
3= Good/average in all criteria but weak in others with at least one or more area requiring attention
2= Weak in several areas, but not necessarily absent of some merit in some area
1= Very weak in almost all areas of the criteria