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What We Do

Sherry is always looking to give back. Her experiences as a very young single mother drive her to help others in need. Through her workplace campaign, she is able to encourage people to donate and contribute to United Way’s mission.

Jason spent most of his adult life in jail until he found help at the SparkPoint Center. He was able to get a job, start college, and turn his life around.

Patrice is a new volunteer for United Way's Welcome Baby home visitation program, but United Way had been a part of her life long before she signed up.

Angel had a rough childhood and little family support. In high school, he got involved with the wrong crowd, turning to drugs and skipping school. He turned his life around when he met Ariana, a Family and Youth Specialist for United Way of Northern Utah.

Emily was a single mom with no car and a lot of debt. A class on finances from Cottages of Hope changed the direction of her future with her son, as she worked to become financially independent.

Twin daughters keep Yessica busy, but she knows how to use playtime to help them develop skills like sorting colors, thanks to United Way's Welcome Baby program.

Ogden High School’s Achievement Club helps at-risk students raise their grades and prepare for graduation, through group support and one-on-one assistance. Now the students in the group can add one more achievement to their list: helping families who are in dire circumstances.

Makenna is a high school student who in a moment of need found the support she needed through Ogden United Promise Neighborhood. With the help of Ariana, a Family and Youth Specialist for Ogden High and other faculty in her school, she was able to get back on her feet and keep focus on her studies.

Finding himself homeless and a single father, Duane ended up at Lantern House in Ogden. There, he got help from caseworkers and was able to secure housing and a more stable future for himself and his young son.

Gabe was failing his junior high classes and had no motivation to improve. Through community service and performance with the Brigham City Fine Arts Center, he managed to dramatically change course toward graduation and future success.

The Welcome Baby program at United Way of Northern Utah helps mothers like Ranelle make sure their children's development is on track, and provides support and connections to additional needed resources.

SparkPoint Center at Cottages of Hope, a project supported by United Way, helps people like Vanessa take control of their finances and work to achieve financial stability.

Through United Way support, Youth Impact provides after-school programs and tutoring to help students like J.J. have a chance to succeed in life.