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AmeriCorps Community School Coordinator (ACSC)

Job Title: AmeriCorps Community School Coordinator (ACSC) 

Reports to: Principal or other designated on-site supervisor as well as the Community School Lead at United Way of Northern Utah

About AmeriCorps, United Way of Northern Utah (UWNU) and Community Schools:  

AmeriCorps is a national network of programs that address critical community needs in our nation. People serving in AmeriCorps positions are commonly referred to as “members.” 

The AmeriCorps Student Success Program hosted by the United Way of Northern Utah strives to provide 1:1 support for at-risk students to help them feel comfortable and successful in school and move towards high school graduation and successful careers. Many schools involved in the Student Success Program are designated as Community Schools and our AmeriCorps Members serving in those schools are called Community School Coordinators and focus on wrap-around services for students and families as part of their student success work.

Summary of Position:

AmeriCorps Community School Coordinators (ACSCs) work with students, families, and the community at their assigned school to add a layer of support for students and promote student success. 

ACSC's work closely with school counselors, teachers, and administrators to help determine and meet the needs of students and families and connect them to resources within the school and community. Each CSC provides 1-on-1 student support to a caseload of 30-60 students (the number depends on whether the CSC is part-time or full-time). This support may include assistance with food, clothing, or housing, with improving attendance, and with social-emotional and academic needs.

ACSCs also help school-wide to promote school-family connections and help bridge students' experiences during the school day with their activities during and out of school (after-school programs, etc.). 

ACSC positions are essentially paid internships with a high level of responsibility and accountability. Each CSC receives a monthly living allowance and at the end of each term of service, they receive an education award that can go towards repayment of student loans or payment of tuition for themselves or their child or grandchild if they are over 55 years of age.

Key Responsibilities:

Individual Student Support

  1. Work closely with school faculty and staff to determine students to receive support and what support and interventions they need
  2. Provide regular 1-on-1 support to a caseload of 30-60 at-risk students. Students can receive support with:
    1. improving attendance
    2. meeting basic student and family needs (clothing, food, etc.)
    3. providing social-emotional support
    4. connecting the student to needed tutoring and other forms of academic assistance
  3. Conduct check-ins with each student on their caseload at least weekly to provide mentoring and ongoing support and help them set goals.   
  4. Collect and report student data to track student progress using AmeriCorps tracking sheet (training provided) and school district data systems
  5. Coordinate wrap-around services in response to student and family needs (individual and family); specifically through the school’s Community Resource Room. Ensure that our highest risk student population needs are addressed.
  6. Support student transition times (e.g. from grade-to-grade and school-to-school)

Expanded Learning Opportunities

  1. Lead coordinated activities before, during, or after school, as well as the summer months. Maintain a lens of college/career readiness for all students
  2. Oversee regular communication meetings between the school day and afterschool staff
  3. Identify and provide support for students needing equitable academic enrichment (e.g. tutoring)

Family & Community Engagement

  1. Connect in meaningful ways with families through various means to ensure their voices are heard and needs are being identified and met
  2. Lead or participate in family engagement events with the school and community partners
  3. Coordinate educational opportunities for the family related to academics, basic life skills or other identified needs
  4. Complete a minimum of 100 community service hours, assisting various non-profits in the area and building relationships with community agencies that impact the school population. As part of community service hours, complete service in honor of 9/11 and plan and execute a special project on Martin Luther King Day that involves at least 6 service hours.

Integrated Student Supports

  1. Build strong relationships with school partners and diverse community stakeholders, and identify opportunities for them to align services critical to school and community needs with our highest-risk student populations. 
  2. Gather, analyze, and use data to inform decisions and keep meetings results-focused
  3. Maintain the purpose and vision of the work to progress in defined long-term outcomes

Collaborative Leadership

  1. Set and work toward goals in collaboration with the school principal and other key stakeholders
  2. Collaborate regularly with school leadership and staff
  3. Participate in school and community leadership teams/meetings
  4. Provide collaborative and timely communication to appropriate partners


  1. Complete pre-service orientation and training and a statewide AmeriCorps conference in March
  2. Attend in-service AmeriCorps meetings and training as scheduled and complete brief weekly training units

Other Duties

  1. Work under the direction of the principal or other assigned site supervisor and record hours on timesheet prior to the 5th of each month
  2. Meet all the requirements of your contractual AmeriCorps agreement (explained at pre-service training)

Compensation and Benefits: 

  • During their 10-month term of service, full time AmeriCorps members complete hours and receive living allowances according to the following options
    • Full time: 1700 hours of service (35-40 hours/week; monthly living allowance of $1,800 for a total of $18,000
    • Reduced Full Time: 1200 hours (25-30 hours/week); monthly living allowance of $1300 for a total of $13,000
    • Part Time: 900 hours (18-20 hours/week); monthly living allowance of $950 for a total of $9500
  • At the end of their term of service, members receive an education award of $3,172 - $6,345 (amount is based on whether they are part time, reduced full time or full time) to use toward payment of student loans or future tuition, fees, and/or books. If the member is over the age of 55, they may gift their education award to a child or grandchild. All members can receive forbearance of payments on current student loans. 
  • Full time members can receive health care assistance (AmeriCorps reimburses full time members up to $150 towards health care)
  • Full time members receive child care assistance as needed
  • All members receive initial and ongoing professional training and support from our central Student Success staff as well as training and support the district and school where they work. 
  • Members have the chance to learn about education and social services through first-hand experience
  • Members have the chance to make a difference in the lives of many students and families; helping set them up for ongoing success in school and in life
  • Members develop excellent management and organization skills as they work hand in hand with professional educators to support students in a meaningful and effective manner.

Position Competencies:

  • Commitment to the school and community
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Detail- and results-oriented
  • Time and project management
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Able to relate to people from diverse backgrounds
  • Must be able to thrive in a matrix organizational structure
  • Enter, manipulate, visualize and interpret data to make actionable decisions
  • Patient and adaptable to constantly changing environment

Member Requirements/ Information:

  • Due to the relationship-focused and complex nature of this position, ACSC should plan on at least a 1-year commitment. ACSCs can serve up to 4 years.
  • Member must be a high school graduate and a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Pre-service training is mandatory
  • Member must produce these documents prior to enrollment: birth certificate or passport, driver’s license, social security card, high school graduation verification
  • High standards of professional ethics and conduct; Member must submit to and pass an FBI background check/Sex offender check conducted prior to hire 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google, and computer technology
  • Reliable vehicle for community and school-related visits 

Other Preferred Qualifications 

  • 2-3 years of experience in education or community-related role
  • Familiarity with the Ogden community and resources
  • Knowledge of school environment - tiered interventions, professional learning communities, etc.
  • Fluency in Spanish - verbal and written
  • Familiarity with community schools model
  • Understanding of United Way’s mission and the Collective Impact framework
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, social sciences, humanities, sociology, or related field
  • 1 year of experience in education or community-related role

Location: Community Schools within the Ogden School District

Hours: Exact work hours will be determined based on the school’s needs and the member’s schedule. The member is responsible for completing 900-1700 hours of service over the course of their first 12-month term of service (more hours during the school year and less hours during the summer).  The member should plan on serving at least 2 terms and is encouraged to serve up to 4 terms.  

Physical and Intellectual Requirements: Reliable vehicle will be required for community and school-related visits. The employee is regularly required to communicate clearly and exchange accurate information interpersonally or through communication devices. Must be able to learn new systems and procedures, prepare and analyze data and figures; constantly operate a computer and other standard office machinery.  The position requires occasional movement throughout the office to access files, papers, or move supplies weighing up to 15lbs.  Must be able to remain in a stationary position 75% of the time. 

How to Apply: Email cover letter and resume to Madeline McDonald,