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AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinator- Secondary Schools

AmeriCorps Education Initiative of Utah (AEIOU) 2021-2022 Secondary Program Job Description

Job Title: AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinator

Reports to: Principal or other designated on-site supervisor as well as Director of the AmeriCorps Education Initiative of Utah (AEIOU) which is housed at the United Way of Northern Utah

AmeriCorps is a national organization modeled after the Peace Corps that involves opportunities for American citizens to contribute to the betterment of their community through working in schools and with non-profit organizations. The AmeriCorps Education Initiative of Utah (AEIOU) is funded through the nationwide AmeriCorps organization and the Utah State Commission on Volunteers and offers the opportunity to provide valuable service to schools and students in their community while gaining experience and skills.

Job Overview:
AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinators (also called “AmeriCorps Members”) provide
one-on-one support for at-risk students to help them improve grades, get tutoring assistance as needed, recover credits, increase attendance, get on track for high school graduation, and learn about post-high school options including college, trade school and career. They work with counselors, administrators and teachers to determine which students could benefit from the program and discuss the needs of each student enrolled in the program in an ongoing manner. In addition to providing mentoring themselves, AmeriCorps members bring in community volunteers to provide everything from college and career awareness events to regular tutoring and mentoring.

Member responsibilities:

Overall AmeriCorps Member Responsibility:
●    Provide one-on-one support to increase the success of at-risk students. Serve a caseload of 30-60 at-risk students (caseload size is based on whether the member serves full or part time)
●    Ensure that each student on their caseload receives at least 30 hours of extra one-on-one support and mentoring over the course of the school year
●    Track each student’s GPA, attendance, missed credits and credit recovery in order to measure progress

Specific AmeriCorps Member activities include:
●    Meeting at least weekly with each student on their caseload to discuss goals, progress, needs, etc.
●    Meeting at least monthly (ideally weekly) with school counselors and staff to
discuss the students on their caseload
●    Working with counselors, teachers and students to develop plans for addressing issues with absences, missing assignments, grades, absences, etc.
●    Conducting or assisting with study-skills/study hall/life skills class periods where students can catch up on missing assignments, make up credits, receive tutoring help, and learn about organization, goal-setting and planning skills.
●    Providing tutoring during school or after school as needed
●    Offering support for transitioning to HS, meeting HS graduation requirements, learning about post-secondary options, FAFSA and scholarship completion
●    Recruiting, training and supervising community volunteers and older students to help provide one-on-one mentoring and tutoring and/or offer presentations on career opportunities and information on post-secondary education options. Bringing in volunteers to share information about their careers and career paths
●    Providing parents with a personal connection to the school and their student’s progress/goals through emails, phone calls and accompanied home visits as needed
●    Helping match students and families with community resources for food insecurity, housing insecurity, clothing needs, mental health, and other issues that may be affecting the student’s ability to do well in school
●    Assisting with home visits as needed
●    Tracking intervention time, activities, GPA and credits recovered for all students on their caseload using the tracking tools provided by AEIOU.
●    Assisting with student success in other ways based on student and school needs

In addition to the student-focused activities laid out above, AmeriCorps Members are required to:

●    Attend a 2-day pre-service orientation and training in August, a state-wide conference in March, and 3-4 online in-service training sessions for all AEIOU Members.
●    Participate in weekly professional development and training assignments and discussions as well as monthly collaboration group meetings about such topics as motivating students, recruiting volunteers, etc. and provide them with the opportunity to learn from AmeriCorps members serving at other schools.
●    Complete a minimum of 100 (full time), 75 (reduced full time), 50 (part time) community service hours to aid the community with needs beyond their regular tutoring program responsibilities (based on a Principal-approved plan). Organize and participate in community service projects on 9/11 Patriot Day and Martin Luther King Day (hours involved are part of the community service hours).
●    Complete hours under the site supervisor’s supervision and record on time sheet prior to the 5th of each month.
●    Meet all other requirements of the contractual agreement (explained and signed at pre-service orientation).

Member Benefits
Members have the chance to learn about the education system and about reading intervention through first-hand experience and develop excellent management, organization, and volunteer recruitment and supervision skills as they work hand in hand with professional educators to manage a meaningful and effective tutoring program in a school.
Over the course of their 10-month term of service, members receive a living allowance of
$16,500 if they are full-time (1700 hours), $11,550 if they are reduced full-time (1200 hours), or
$8250 if they are part-time (900 hours). This living allowance is paid out in equal monthly installments.

At the end of each honorably completed service year, members receive an education award that can be used for tuition, fees and books at any accredited post-secondary institution or towards payment of student loans ($5920 for 1700 hours, $4,440 for 1200 hours, or $2,960 for 900 hours). Members over the age of 55 can transfer their education award to a child or grandchild.

A Health Insurance subsidy and child care assistance is available for full-time members. All members qualify for forbearance of payments on current student loans.

Members receive support and encouragement as well as check-in’s and site visits from AEIOU staff during their term of service and ongoing access to the nationwide AmeriCorps Alumni Network that can help them with networking, employment and mentorship.

Each member can serve for up to 4 terms and can receive the equivalent of up to two full time education awards.

Information on the AmeriCorps Positions Types:
To complete the minimum number of service hours required, members should be able to commit to the following schedules:
●    Full-time (1700 hours): 8.5 hours each school day of direct service at the school plus approximately 3 additional hours per week for Community Service and Member Development activities. Approximately 45 hours/week during a regular 5-day school week. (*This position is recommended for schools and members who plan to serve through the summer so that the hours can be further spread out and the # of hours/day is more manageable.)
●    Reduced Full-time (1200 hours): 6 hours each school day of direct service at the school plus approximately 2 hours/week for Community Service and Member Development activities. Approximately 32 hours/week during a regular 5-day school week.
●    Part-time (900 hours): 4.5 hours each school day of direct service at the school and approximately 1.5 additional hours/week for Community Service and Member Development activities. Approximately 24 hours/week during a regular 5-day school week.

Member Requirements:
●    Member should have experience working with children or youth and it is ideal if they have an interest in pursuing a career in education, social work or another related field.
●    Member must be a high school graduate and a citizen of the United States.
●    If serving in a Title I school, member must meet “highly qualified” requirements as determined by the state/district.
●    Member must produce these documents prior to enrollment: U.S. birth certificate or passport, driver’s license, social security card, high school graduation verification.
●    Member must submit to and pass an FBI background check/Sex offender check conducted prior to hire.