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How your donations make an impact: Filled With Gratitude, One Box Elder Family's Story

Last month, Box Elder participated in their first annual Stuff the Bus drive. Thanks to the help of our partners, over hundreds of donations were gathered and distributed among families. Here’s just one story of impact.

A young family of six entered the Box Elder Community Pantry for food.

As usual, the pantry store clerk greeted them with a smile.

But something was off. The parents were not their usual selves. They looked upset.

The pantry clerk started to worry. 

Then she overheard them talking. 

She looked at the mother. The mother’s head hung low. 

After minutes of silence the mother looked at her husband and said, “It was hard telling the kids that they couldn’t have backpacks this year.”

The father frowned. “I know,” he agreed, “But with our truck breaking down— we can’t afford it.” 

The pantry clerk thought quick on her feet. 

“Excuse me,” she said, “I couldn’t help but overhear that your children are in need of some school supplies?”

The clerk proceeded, “Box Elder hosted their first Stuff the Bus drive. We have backpacks for each of your children.” 

Then the clerk pulls out four cards from her pocket. “We also have shoe cards. Each of these cards will allow you to purchase one pair of shoes for each of your children.”

Filled the gratitude the mother started to cry.

“This is incredible,” said the mother. “Thank you so much for your support.” 

“That’s what it’s all about.” said the pantry clerk. “In our community, we support each other when we need it most.” 

United Way of Northern Utah would like to thank Box Elder for their Stuff the Bus drive. Donations were spread between the Box Elder Food Pantry, Tremonton Food Pantry, Bear River Head Start and Box Elder School District. Businesses that joined us this year included: Zions Bank, First Community Bank, Bishop’s Law Group, USU and Wal-Mart. $1,200 check was generously donated by Elevate Credit Union.