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What Do We Mean By "Fundraising Page?"

Starting an online Fundraising Page is an effortless, fun, and rewarding way to organize giving on behalf of your favorite charitable organization! With an online Fundraising Page, you’re able to share your message of giving on behalf of your favored organization, spreading your story to your friends and family and garnering their support in your venture to help your community.

What Does It Take To Run A Fundraising Page?

Running your own Fundraising Page takes less work than you might think. We’ve provided a set of instructions to let you set up your page in 10 minutes. All you need to do is think about your story and why you want to support United Way of Northern Utah. To ensure your fundraiser’s success during its run, we’ve also provided a list of tips and tricks on best practices for engaging your friends through social media!

Let's Do This!

Start your own Fundraising Page with United Way of Northern Utah. It’s easy, personalized, and takes less than 10 minutes. Get ready to raise some funds for a good cause!

Simply click below to start your fundraiser now: