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Did you know that 90 percent of our brains are “hard-wired” by age 5?

Early learning is a critical part of childhood development—and it can happen anywhere, at any time. That’s why United Way developed Born Learning, an initiative that gives parents and caregivers the tools, resources and opportunities they need to make the most of their children’s early years. 

The Born Learning Trail concept originated in 2005 and has been successfully accepted and sponsored in over 750 community parks around the country and internationally as well. This park activity series provides a way for parents and children to communicate and learn together in an outdoor environment while on a leisurely stroll or walk. Through a series of activity signs, the trail offers suggestions for discussion and interactive activities for families to enjoy.  

There are now five Born Learning Trails in the Ogden area thanks to some really great volunteers and sponsors, including Associated Foods and Bank of Utah. Learn more about the trails below: