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Community Schools


Our theory of change is the community schools strategy, steered by the United Partnership Council and supported by collaborative efforts that create impactful interventions to address gaps and create solutions to address our communities' most pressing needs.

Collective Impact aims to:

  • Improve educational outcomes for students
  • Break the cycle of intergenerational poverty
  • Increase partner collaboration to create system-level change for long-term impact.

We use the community schools strategy to achieve these three goals.


Community Schools Strategy

Community Schools is not a noun, it's a verb.
It's not a place, it's us, together, and the resources we build and the paths we pave together.

Community Schools Forward was developed by the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, the Children’s Aid National Center for Community Schools, the Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership, and the Learning Policy Institute as part of the #CSForward project. Read the whole framework here.


The Community Schools strategy transforms a school into a place where educators, local community members, families, and students work together to strengthen conditions for student learning and healthy development. They make positive, impactful changes by:

Building strong, trusting relationships (support)

Engaging in inclusive decision-making (activities)

Creating a thriving community (resources)


I Would Like To...

United Partnership Council

The United Partnership Council exists to convene a cross-sector group of organizations to create lasting change by steering the Community School strategy in Northern Utah. By working together, the United Partnership Council can magnify the efforts of many concerned citizens and organizations working to improve the living conditions of our individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

The council includes representatives from Ogden School District, Weber School District, Ogden-Weber Technical College, Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership, Ogden City, Weber State University, America First Credit Union, Weber-Morgan Health Department, Weber Human Services, United Way of Northern Utah, and more. 


Impact Areas

A collection of partner-led initiatives and programs who work together under the United Partnership Council to implement the Community Schools strategy. View their work below.