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We work to create meaningful, lasting change for every individual in Northern Utah through our initiatives and programs and through supporting local nonprofits. We strive to create communities where everyone has resources, opportunities, and support to thrive.


UNA Credential Badges

The Utah Nonprofits Association provides interactive training in a variety of concepts built to increase the internal capacity and external credibility of an  organization. "Completing a UNA Badge is about setting the foundation to improve your nonprofit—and then telling the community about your achievement. Depending on the course, you’ll see more effective fundraising, reduced risk from better financial oversight, better data collection and communication, clearer messaging, and HR policies that protect your nonprofit. Your stakeholders will see an organization able to focus on making good things happen." Utah Nonprofits Association website.


United Way of Northern Utah has 4 main focus areas: Heath, Education, Financial Stability, and Community Leadership


Programs and Resources We Offer