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Thank you for the amazing 90th birthday present: a successful and wide-reaching Read Across America week.

We are so grateful to have received recognition of our 90 years of service from Governor Spencer Cox, who signed the Governor's Proclamation on 2.14.24. ❤️

Beth was homeless for three years and had not been attending school. When life became more stable at home, she re-entered the school system, but really struggled getting back into the rhythm of homework and regularly attending classes.

"Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Present, Looking to our Future." On December 8, past, present, and future people of United Way of Northern Utah came together to reminisce what our organization has done and muse on what it can be.

Our superpower is bringing people together to make positive, lasting change. For example, here in Northern Utah, United Way rallied over 2,600 volunteers to support the health, education, and financial stability in our communities.

¿Dónde está la Biblioteca? ABC4News Covers Our First Spanish-Only Little Library— The Community Fiesta Celebration!

The sale for cereal lovers!

Each year, the National Day of Service coincides with our Day of Caring event. This year we had over 194 volunteers give 400+ volunteer hours! Here are a few stories from one project performed at Seager Memorial Clinic.

When a child returns to school, they just want to fit in. Sometimes it can be hard to enter school with confidence when you don't have all the supplies you need. Thanks to your help, look what we accomplished!

United Way of Northern Utah awards community members who demonstrate Behaviors that Recognize and Value Others (BRAVO Night)

Read stories between students and our amazing AmeriCorps members and Community School Coordinators!

If you strive to live an altruistic lifestyle, there are plenty of gifts you can give your loved one on Mother’s Day that also give back to others in the community.

1. Call your loved ones. 2. Make extra dinner. 3. Invite someone over. 4. Donate a gift. 5. Have a conversation.

Northern Utah Nonprofit organizations share their extraordinary plans to contribute to their community in the areas of health, education, and financial stability. Read about some of the amazing projects in your community that were awarded!

A mother of two girls shares her memorable experiences in giving

Recipients of Turkey donations share their stories.

United Way of Northern Utah appoints a new CEO.

Do you speak baby? Or spanish? Our good friend Craig Bielik talks to our Welcome Baby program about an exciting $100 incentive for volunteers.

Post Cereal's mascot, sugar bear, hyped up the line as hundreds of Box Elder community members lined up for a fundraiser cereal sale.

United Way's Julie Johnson was nominated as a community influencer in Connection Publishing.

You can find us on local tv now thanks to our partnership with Comcast. Check out our new commercial!

Each year, employees at Williams International give generously back to the community which is matched by the company AND matched again by the Sam Williams Foundation. 

We had a special visitor this month: Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson! On Thursday, August 25, Henderson spent the morning at United Way of Northern Utah learning about the incredible philanthropic programs taking place that fill resource and community gaps.