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Our Mission

We Unite people and organizations to build a healthy, stable, and well-educated community where individuals, families, and neighborhoods thrive.

Our Values

Clear Sense of Service

We are committed to the mission of United Way of Northern Utah, and our individual and collective work to serve the community. This commitment is key to our service.


We exercise personal responsibility by showing accountability to ourselves and those with whom we work and being good stewards of resources entrusted to us. We believe in thinking, speaking, appearing, and performing with professionalism. 

Positive Attitude

We take pride in our work and demonstrate a hopeful, positive outlook.


We work as a team by maintaining open communication, listening to others, embracing diverse representation and thought, honoring partnerships, and showing respect for everyone connected with our work. We practice the principle of collaboration.


We encourage creative and critical thinking and use best practices to generate meaningful change.


We believe every person is entitled to dignity and respect. We are committed to creating more equitable communities that provide every person an equal opportunity to thrive.