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United Way works to create opportunities for a better life for all. Our focus is on education, income, and health—the building blocks for good quality of life. Learn more about our efforts in early childhood education, school success and career readiness, and supporting families in need

News & Notes

We're Grateful for our Volunteers

We don't mean to brag, but our volunteers are pretty impressive! Here's what they accomplished last year:

• number of volunteers = 1,759
• households impacted = 2,100
• value of service = $785,000
• value of tax refunds received = $1,756,000 (through volunteer tax preparation at Sparkpoint Center)

What do they do? Here are just a few ways they give their time:
• read with children in schools
• make home visits to new parents
• act as mentors for struggling students
• serve on our board
• spread the word about our organization
• distribute donated goods
• package and deliver donations
• provide service such as cleaning

That's why we honored our volunteers at our Volunteer Recognition event last week. We can't say this enough – we couldn't do it without you!

Interested in volunteering? There are plenty of opportunities for groups and individuals. Visit to learn more.

Grandpa reads to his new grandbaby

The Welcome Baby program visited a new teenage mom who has a 7 month old baby. Her family was an intergenerational family who primarily spoke Spanish. The young mother's grandpa came in and sat through the visit. Julie, the Welcome Baby visitor was just getting to the part about reading to your baby when she asked the young mom if she read to her baby.

The young mom said she didn’t have any books to read. That's when Julie handed her a ABC book in English. Julie read the book to the baby. After she was done reading, the grandpa motioned for the book. He then started trying to read it to her, too, stopping often to ask how to say certain words in English. He enjoyed reading the book as much as the baby enjoyed hearing it!

When Julie got up to leave, the Grandpa tried to hand her the book. She clarified that it was his to keep and the grandpa's eyes lit up.

Every year, thousands of employees in Northern Utah get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support local United Way solutions that improve education, financial stability and health.