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2-1-1 Utah: Frederic, Larry, Jane


Frederic reached out to the nationwide text line after he was forced to evacuate his home, which was later destroyed by fire. The Red Cross had connected hit to a short-term living situation, but he was looking for long-term housing and support with his basic needs. The 2-1-1 team member gave a supportive ear, expressed sympathy and asked questions to make sure he was getting the best answers. Ultimately, Frederic was connected to several programs that were offering connection to long-term housing, as well as food, supplies, gas cards and other support and recovery resources. 

Jane, a young woman in her mid-20's, called 2-1-1 in desperate need of food. She disclosed that she was legally disabled, had no transportation, she was pregnant and alone. The information specialist connected her to the onsite mobility manager, who helped her find a doctor, a food pantry, prenatal support groups and even helped her plan a way to get there. Jane was beyond grateful. She was alone and scared, but found hope and solace in the support given by the team at 2-1-1. 

Larry called 2-1-1  anxious and out of breath. He told the specialist on the phone that he was homeless and hadn't eaten in three days. He was desperate for food. After determining Larry's current location, the specialist helped him find a place he could easily walk to that would give him something to eat right then. She texted him the information and gave him specific directions. The compassion she showed helped decrease Larry's anxiety and provided him with something to eat within a few moments of calling. She also encouraged him to call back if he needed anything else, and let him know we could offer additional help once that immediate need was met. 

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