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AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinator

AmeriCorps Student Success Program
2022-2023 Position Description

Job Title: AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinator or Community School Coordinator

Reports to: Principal or other designated on-site supervisor as well as Director of the AmeriCorps Student Success Program  

Modeled after the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps enables people to contribute to the betterment of their community while gaining excellent experience, receiving a regular living allowance, and earning an education award to help pay for college tuition. 

AmeriCorps Student Success Coordinators and Community School Coordinators (also called “AmeriCorps Members”) provide one-on-one support for a caseload of at-risk students at their assigned school. The overall goal is to help students feel more excited about school and learning, gain confidence, and improve school performance. AmeriCorps members can often receive internship credit for their service through their college or university as they pursue degrees in education, social work, family studies, and other related fields. 

Member Responsibilities: 

Member responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the school where they serve but all members provide one-on-one support to increase the success of a caseload of specific students identified by the school/district as needing extra support. Responsibilities and duties may include any or all of the following: 

  • Promoting student attendance and implementing improvement strategies
  • Providing or arranging for one-on-one tutoring and other academic supports
  • Promoting and providing social emotional learning support
  • Connecting students and families with community resources to help meet basic needs
  • Enhancing school-family connections and assisting with home visits as needed 
  • Helping students set and achieve weekly goals so they can take ownership of their academic and behavioral progress 
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to assist with one-on-one  tutoring, mentoring or school events that focus on literacy, career and college options, family involvement, etc. 

Member Requirements: 

  • Complete a minimum of 1700 hours (full-time - approx 8 hour days), 1200 hours (reduced full-time - approx 6-hour days), or 900 hours (part time - approx 4 hour days) during their 10-12 month service term. 450 hour terms are also available for members wishing to serve part-time for 4-6 months. 
  • Track work with a caseload of 30-60 students (number is dependent on whether the member is working full or part time) 
  • Attend and participate in initial and ongoing mandatory training
  • Meet all other requirements of the contractual agreement (explained in detail before service begins) 


  • Gain Experience - Gain first-hand experience in education and social work; develop excellent management, organization, and volunteer recruitment and supervision skills as they work hand in hand with professional educators to manage a meaningful and effective student success program in a school; many AmeriCorps members receive internship credit for their service as they pursue their degree. 
  • Living Allowance - Over the course of their 10-12 month term of service, members receive a living allowance of $16,500 if they are full-time, $11,550 if they are reduced full-time, or $8250 if they are part-time. This living allowance is paid out in equal monthly installments. 
  • Education Award - At the end of each honorably completed service year, members receive an education award that can be used for tuition, fees and books at any accredited post-secondary institution or towards payment of student loans 
    • Full-time (1700 hours) = $6,345.00 
    • Reduced Full-time (1200 hours) = $4,441.50 
    • Part-time (900 hours) = $3,172.50 
    • Members over the age of 55 can transfer their education award to a child or grandchild 
  • Health Care Subsidy and Child Care Assistance (for full-time members) - A health insurance subsidy and child care assistance is available for full-time members. 
  • Student Loan Forbearance - All members qualify for forbearance of payments on current student loans 
  • On-going Professional Development and Support - Members receive training, support and encouragement as well as check-in’s and site visits from our program staff during their term of service and ongoing access to the nationwide AmeriCorps Alumni Network that can help them with networking, employment and mentorship. 

Each member can serve for up to 4 terms and can receive the equivalent of up to two full time education awards. 

Member Qualifications: 

  • Desire to make a difference in your community 
  • Experience working with children or youth preferred 
  • Interest in pursuing a career in education, social work or another related field preferred but not required
  • High school graduate 
  • Age 18+ years 
  • US Citizenship or lawful permanent resident 
  • If serving in a Title I school, member must meet “highly qualified” requirements as determined by the state/district 
  • Member must submit to and pass an FBI background check/Sex offender check conducted prior to hire 
  • Team player 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Basic computer skills preferred including experience with spreadsheets (training is available) 
  • Able to serve during typical school hours 
  • Able to work on-site at either elementary or secondary schools
  • Good organization skills 
  • Punctual and reliable

To apply: Please complete the AmeriCorps Student Success Member Application