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When companies build a culture of giving, everyone wins. When you partner with UWNU, we help you build employee commitment, strengthen your brand, and invest in your community.

Take the first step...

Create a lasting impact today. We'll help you build a culture of giving that benefits your organization and the community at large. Contact our Corporate Engagement Director today to make a difference.


At United Way of Northern Utah, we want to make your employee giving experience as smooth as possible.

Have you ran an Employee Giving Campaign before? Use our resources to make the processes easier.

Are you new to Employee Giving Campaigns with UWNU? We'll teach you how to start and coach through every step of the process.

Below is a toolkit with various resources for new and experienced alike.

We’re happy to adjust any of the resources with your company logo! Contact Deborah to request your co-branded campaign materials. 


Businesses That Give Back: Our Corporate Partners