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To be successful in school, most at-risk students often need one-on-one attention. Teachers and staff are doing all they can but most schools lack the bandwidth to provide the kind of intensive and ongoing support that would be beneficial for many students. To bridge this gap, the AmeriCorps Student Success program offers students individualized support literacy, attendance, academic improvement, credit recovery, social/emotional issues, remote learning challenges, and/or family involvement. 

Each AmeriCorps member works with a caseload of students determined by their school to provide or connect students with the interventions needed so that they can get on track and gain more excitement about school and learning. AmeriCorps members also recruit and train community volunteers to allow them to support more students. 

AEIOU Intervention Activities

Intervention Activities may include one or more of the following: 

  • ATTENDANCE: Track individual student attendance 
  • REMOTE LEARNER SUPPORT: Track and assist remote learners
  • ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT: Help students to develop good study skills, recover credits, and improve GPA
  • LITERACY: 1-on-1 Dyad Reading or small group reading; other literacy-focused activities (Elementary)
  • TUTORING: Provide or arrange for one-on-one tutoring in any needed subject
  • GOAL SETTING: Help students set and achieve weekly goals to improve academics, attendance, behavior, etc.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT: Work with families to overcome barriers to learning by connecting them to community resources

To learn more about how the AmeriCorps Student Success Program can support students at your school, click here.

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