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Why Health Matters to UWNU

Many community members don't have access to the resources they need to lead healthy lives. Thousands of families in Northern Utah are food insecure. This affects both parents and children. Without the ability to stay healthy, it's difficult for parents to care for their children. Children whose health is inadequate have trouble learning. 

By referring people to the resources they need, UWNU helps ensure that the Northern Utah community stays healthy. 211 is a hotline that refers people to health care and food resources. Community schools help students and their families by providing for their immediate food needs and making connections between families and the community.

  • We have expanded our efforts in the Ogden United Promise Neighborhood, with nine on-site Community School Coordinators at local schools. These advocates help families connect with resources they need to provide a stable, secure home for their children, and to access academic help and resources.

  • Over the past ten years, Utah 211 has become a critical part of Utah’s health and human service delivery system, by connecting the people of Utah to the housing, food,
    transportation, and other essential resources that we all require to live healthy lives. 211 is more than a phone number to call. With support from state and local government, private donations, and other community groups, 211 continues to make critical resources easily available for more than 150,000 Utahns each year.

Food Security Assessment

To address a problem, first you need to understand it. That's why United Way of Northern Utah played a key role in supporting Ogden Civic Action Network’s (OgdenCAN) first phase of a Weber County Food Security Assessment, published in February 2021.

UWNU's staff guided the assessment through the development process from the beginning to end of the project. The assessment will help the food security steering committee, made up of local nonprofits, government agencies, and community members, understand the issues so they can implement effective solutions.

UWNU continues to facilitate the steering committee. This committee recently set priorities to develop a local food policy council and other strategies based on findings and recommendations in the report.

To download the Food Security Assessment, click the image below.

Food Security Assessment Download