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Compass Minerals: Sherry


Sherry Tolman is a strong advocate for United Way who goes above and beyond to make sure the giving campaign at her workplace is successful. Her experience as a very young single mother drives her to be involved and give back to others in need.

Being born and raised in Weber County, Sherry has seen United Way’s impact. “As a community member you grow up knowing about United Way.” This rang especially true in Sherry’s life when she became a single mother at a very young age. She was able to get the help that she needed to be successful from the community and now wants to reciprocate those actions.

Sherry is the Site Coordinator for Compass Minerals, in Ogden. They produce salt, sulfate of potash, and magnesium chloride through solar evaporation. In its nearly 50-year history, Compass Minerals has been a strong supporter of United Way and has been participating in workplace campaigns for decades.

Sherry has been working for Compass Minerals for 16 years. For 12 of those years Sherry has been responsible for conducting the workplace campaign year after year.

Compass Minerals’ unique operating structure only has about a quarter of employees working at a time. This requires a different approach on Sherry’s end to increase participation among employees. “We don’t run a typical campaign but the results of participation we get is great and I feel good about that.”

Even though they run a 24/7 operation with employees constantly changing and coming in at different shifts, they still generate a 70-73% participation rate. This makes Compass Minerals’ one of United Way’s most successful workplace campaigns.

Being heavily involved with Compass Minerals’ workplace campaign has inspired Sherry to consider becoming a Welcome Baby Volunteer. Her experience as a young single mother draws her to give back to others. “There’s always somebody that needs more help than we do, you always need to look for those opportunities to be kind and be a blessing to people.”