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Every Student Deserves to Reach Their Full Potential

Beth was homeless for three years and had not been attending school. When life became more stable at home, she re-entered the school system, but really struggled getting back into the rhythm of homework and regularly attending classes.

Beth's school was able to connect her to a Student Success Coordinator. This AmeriCorps member was able to work with her one-on-on to overcome her unique challenges, and by the end of the year she was passing all of her classes. 

72% of students like Beth who receive at least 15 hours of intervention support show academic improvement. Although Beth still has challenges, it's been a joy to watch her progress. 

Student Success Coordinators work with their school's administration to identify and address their students' most urgent challenges.  The AmeriCorps Student Success Program partners with schools statewide to help provide more individual support for students so that they can be successful in school and in life. AmeriCorps members work one-on-one with a specific caseload of students to help them strengthen reading skills, increase attendance, improve GPA, and progress towards high school graduation. Students and families may also receive assistance overcoming barriers to education by connecting them to community resources to meet basic needs.